Nothing Better Than Our Freedom

from by Renaissance The Poet



The overall objective is a complete overhaul of the entire system, which includes imperialism, capitalism, sexism, patriarchy, climate change, classism, the prison industrial complex, immigration, and so on. However, if there is anything that we have learned from the history and the present of this protracted struggle is that it will not be won overnight. In the mean time people and the circumstances of their lives continue to worsen and our people continue to suffer. Therefore, a major component of our work must be directed toward mitigating the negative impacts of this racist, xenophobic, patriarchal system. This work must not only be done here in the US, but globally because our people are suffering from the same tyranny worldwide. This is often enacted as defensive measures in response to harmful policies and practices. Those defenses should most definitely continue. And in addition, an offensive is desperately required. Waiting on a government that was not designed to serve us or protect us is a strategy doomed to fail.

WE must build our own, for our own. WE can and we must. WE have agency. WE are in control of our own destinies. WE are powerful. WE are courageous. WE are ingenious. WE come from the longest lines of Queens and Kings, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers, Architects and Agriculturalists. It is in our genes, our hearts, and our souls.

The false histories we are taught are designed to deprive us of hope and to strip us of the desire to strive and work toward something better. The false histories we are taught are designed by those in power to keep themselves in power. Our educational systems are not designed to develop critical thinkers who are capable of developing an analysis of the system on our own. It is most certainly not designed to teach the oppressed peoples of the world how to assert our agency and to effect change in this system. This is why the education of Social Justice was removed from the public school system in Arizona, and why ethnic studies are being attacked nationwide. Thus, it falls to us, as it should, to be our own educators to ensure that our people are receiving a radical education that will prepare them to critically analyze our societies and ourselves. It is only through critical self-reflection that we can hope to improve upon what we have done, or what has been done in the past.

One of the largest pitfalls that our people fall into is a lack of vision about what our world and our societies within our world can be like. This is in large part because the indoctrination that most of us receive constricts our perspective into a fatalistic tunnel vision of potentiality. That is why no matter how bad the system of mass incarceration has been proven to be, or how certain 98% of the brightest and most prolific scientists of the world are concerning climate change, that the public and our politicians hold staunchly to the trajectory that our society is on. They cannot and will not envision alternative means to achieve the same goals.

Critical analysis lends itself to creativity and creativity is what is necessary for the formation of a new vision. The stifling of critical analysis is the process responsible for constricting the peoples' ability to envision alternatives. This process furthermore restricts agency and supplants in its place a dependence on large structures of government as the provider of stability and direction. Thus, removing and denying the responsibility of the people to think and act, and furthermore to only be concerned about their selves, as if, as people we are somehow self-contained "monads" unaffected by the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Individualism is an illusion that is destructive to the very fabric of our society and to our connection to the earth. There is nothing that any one of us can ever do that does not impact someone or something else in some way. The concept that we are self-contained is fallacy. Take for example again, language. Language cannot be learned in isolation. In fact, language would be entirely unnecessary if every person was self-contained an unaffected by the world. Quite contradictory, language is one of the basic means of interaction by beings who are not self-contained, precisely because we need each other for survival at the very least, and to thrive at best. Thus, any institution of education that does not explicate and replicate this fact in its indoctrination and inculcation of a generation is not only destructive to the society, but is harmful to the person.

When humans cannot envision and feel the interconnection and the symbiotic relationship that we have with the Earth, then the destruction of the planet is not perceived as the destruction of ourselves. When humans cannot envision and feel the interconnection and the symbiotic relationship that we share with each other, then the destruction and torture of people is not perceived as the torture and destruction of ourselves. For example, if we value, as I am sure that most people in the United States do, the Freedom of Speech, then this value must govern all speech given a few caveats, which the people agree to. To censor the speech of one person or group merely because they are not liked or agreed with opens the floodgates for all speech to be censored, or to be arbitrarily censored at a whim. That which is done to one of us affects everyone else. Furthermore, and often more disconcerting is that more often than not those whose freedom of speech is constricted are those who have a critical analysis of our societies and who are actively working to improve the conditions of those who are most impacted by them. In turn, when the torture of one human being is permitted, or the bombing of one town is permitted, that then opens the floodgates to permit those policies to be generalized to others. Lastly, and perhaps the most relevant is that what is done on one side of the planet is not contained to that region, but rather, is felt throughout the world. The eradication of the Amazon rain forests, the burning of fossil fuels, the dropping atomic bombs, the explosions of nuclear power plants, the displacements of peoples, or the extinctions of species are all phenomena that are felt globally. Individualism is an illusion and it is one of the most destructive aspects of our contemporary culture. It is thus vital that our people begin to construct a new vision for what our world can be like.

This new vision and means will not come from the top-down, but rather, from the bottom up. It is a false education that teaches us that the most effective changes come from the top when the evidence proves that cultural shifts surface from the bottom and permeate an entire society. Language also functions in this manner because language is a function of culture. Grammar is a top down push meant to institute a particular and prescribed form of a language stigmatizing all other dialects and forms of the language. However, that does not cease or stop the natural evolution of a language. The version of English spoken in the United States today was at one time the stigmatized form. The prevalence of a system of education that teaches the opposite of this only serves to maintain the status quo, to sustain the dominance of those in power, and to continue the process of the worsening conditions of our peoples. It is an attempt to stifle the natural and necessary cultural evolution that must occur for us to overcome the injustices of our societies.

The first step in creating a new vision of what our world can be like and to addressing the issues causing the worsening conditions of our people is to institute a radical education ourselves to help foster the critical analyses our people are capable of and responsible for. We must start with education because for so long as the fatalistic tunnel vision of potentialities is maintained and continues to persist among the most impacted by the harmful impacts of this unjust system, for just that long will our peoples believe we do not have the power or the means to effect beneficial change. The mere act of carrying out this radical education, wherein true histories or rather more complete, comprehensive, and complex histories are taught through a dialogic and dialectic method will provide the fertile ground for solutions to be created and to surface. The system will begin to be seen and understood for what it is, and once that understanding begins to take hold of the consciousness of our people and we are reacquainted with our agency as peoples, acting upon the vision and solutions that take shape is the natural corollary or outcome that follows.

The first things that will most likely be addressed by our critical analyzers are the immediate conditions causing the suffering of our peoples. The solutions to those immediate problems will permeate our societies from the bottom-up and as the society shifts its cultural center of gravity, the institutions and systems it relies upon will also be revolutionized.


Verse #1

Hope, is the energy, that enables us to see,
& to believe, that, something, better than this can be
Is more fragile, than the glimmer of a whisper on the wind
But a hint, a bit fragrant, of a day that could begin
Yet, could also portend, that the good is at its end
A trend not unlike the rend of the climate changing bend
So it has to be protected, guarded at all costs
Because without its, motivation, we are all lost
The strange dichotomy, is that it also causes anger
To erupt from our beings as a volcanic estrangement
Yo, without the belief that things could be different
We would never think that things should be different
When men rape women it wouldn't infuriate us so
When cops execute the innocent, be just the way it go
Not the outrage expressed by the women in Brazil
After a woman was gang raped by 30 men ill
& when the police beat Freddy Gray shatterin skeleton
Baltimore woult not have erupted into open rebellion
But because we know it's possible, demonstrable
The lot of you, will hope it's true and that it's more than probable
For a world to exist, without the patriarchal lineage
Misogyny, oppression, domination, privilege
Denial of humanity to half of our species
Traumatizing, victim blaming, or glass ceiling pieces
Rather, a world without male entitlement to body
Where women have complete autonomy and equality
Free to move through city and home without a threat
1 in 3 women world wide abused is quite a debt
The structure of a system, male written and inhabited
Police to protect the masculine ego sensitive phallic
100 years only been 235 Congress Women
But over 11,000 men have led this country to ruin
It's hope that compels us, tells us, what can be
That pushes us beyond what is now and impossibility
Fills our veins and our minds with a vigor and a drive
To survive two stars colliding and to remain alive


Needing something to believe in
Nothing better than our FREEDOM
Needing something to believe in
Nothing better than our FREEDOM
Nothing better than our FREEDOM

Verse #2

When all the lights go out, I'm filled with doubt
What's it about, I just don't know, afraid to count
On anything in any route, cuz it seems like no amount
Will overcome the circumstances, and their ain't no 2nd chances
I'm not findin no answers, in their books or in their schools
The rules, they write they just confuse, conflate the matter and abuse
The issue is a finite ruse, but just consume and choose to
Lose the home I'm claiming whose, lands are these
Anyway, wars and bombs, guns and arms, crooked deals that
Sound alarms, but no one cares to listen
When the children come up missin, on a mission into prison, or trafficking
In human beings, the reason is it seems, even people
Have a value, when equated with mere things
So devastation, genocide, enslavement, atom bombs
Nagasaki, deforestation, climate change, it's on
Depleting water sources, GMOs and Viet Nam
Zika virus, sinking islands, Global South, the burden strong
Anti-Blackness is a fascist, the fastest, tragic of the masses
Data flaccid, lacking intersectionality
How oppressions stack upon our backs till we can barely breathe
And when the imes are at their hardest, Colloquially the darkest
When money is it's shortest and bills are at their largest
That's the moment we need to harvest, the deepest hope to harness
But with the faith of a mustard seed, mountains, raised to the sea
Moved or transformed to belief
And will spread with the veracity of scottsbroom weed
Impossible to kill, the resistance in the people
The conviction of us lethal, regal, dealin with the realest appeal
To the trill of the mill, turnin wheel, spinnin fate, it's time to eat we're after the meal
The scent of the scrill, the tangible in our fingers will
When all is lost, all that's left, is hope, and it explodes
From the most unexpected locations, cascading
Into a positive feedback of revolution


Needing something to believe in
Nothing better than our FREEDOM
Needing something to believe in
Nothing better than our FREEDOM
Nothing better than our FREEDOM


from Into the Struggle, released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Renaissance The Poet Seattle, Washington

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